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Our Personal Curated Digital Garden of Inspiration,
a Portal to Radical Creativity. 


Type Support System

Typography generated by AI, motion design generated by Gabriel.


An exploration of visual posters from an artist in Bali, merging editorial retro style with deep inner feelings.

Museos para el siglo XXI

Transforming Art Education through experience design, with a very unique result!


A visual exploration of puff typography

Beyond Spacesuit

On a mission to Space, Art and Healing through planetary community of children.

The Same Lab

Rejecting the separation between Art and Science, Design and Technology, Humans and Nature, The Same Lab is a studio that speculates about symbiotiv futures.

Experimental Typography Posters

A captivating fusion of AI art, motion design and typography.

Humanity 1000

Venture Phylantropy funding projects for Human Evolution.

Miao Game as a Service (MaaS)

An open-world voxel game centered on multiplayer gameplay, which represents a novel exploration into the virtual realm of gaming and socialization.


Less Drama

More Fama

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